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The World is Mine if I Have You

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Our love exceeds the mountains’ heights.

In your embrace my soul delights.

Dark storms of life we shall pass through.

The world is mine if I have you.


Rainbow hues reside in our love.

You I wish to be worthy of.

With one kiss let our love be true.

The world is mine if I have you.


So may our love be like the dawn,

When all the fears and doubts are gone.

Let us our vows of love renew.

The world is mine if I have you.


Our love exceeds the mountains’ heights.

The world is mine if I have you.




The Kiss

This week’s word:  ENGULF


Danielle could barely contain the excitement she felt as she practically danced through her apartment, lighting the dozen or so candles she had placed to create a romantic atmosphere. She had to make sure kissing silhouettethat everything was perfect because at any moment Josh, her brave and handsome soldier, would be finally coming home, and she could hardly wait to be in his arms once again.

When she heard the knock on the door, she gasped, her heart skipping a beat as she raced to the door. There he was at last, after all those months, after all those long and lonely nights, after all those tears that were shed into her pillow for missing him and worrying and wondering if he was okay, after all this time finally he was here. But there were no words spoken between them, for none were needed, and the kiss they shared was filled with all the unspoken love between them.


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