You Have Blessed Me

With you, my love, I have been blessed,

And to this fact I can attest.

As a soul mate, you’re the best.

In you my heart takes up its rest.


You cheer me when I feel depressed,

And soothe me when I am distressed.

When life has put me through the test,

Loving me has been your quest.


In me your time you do invest,

In me you’ve shown a keen interest.

Your love for me you have expressed,

It’s true and deep and manifest.


From north to south and east to west,

I feel that I’m the luckiest.

You’ve filled my life with joy and zest,

And made our home a true love nest.


I lay my head upon your chest,

And hear your heart beat in your breast,

All my love you have possessed.

I’d die for you at your behest.




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