The Grammar Ghoul Press

grammar ghoul press 1The Grammar Ghoul Press

The Grammar Ghoul Press hosts two weekly writing challenges: Shapeshifting 13 and Mutant 750.  These challenges provides two prompts (one verbal, one visual) to get your creative juices flowing. Participants are encouraged to read and comment on each other’s submissions, then vote for their favorites.



shapeshifting-chall-finalShapeshifting 13 Microfiction Writing Challenge

At the weekly Shapeshifting 13 micro-fiction writing challenge, you get a prompt and a multiple of exactly 13 words every week of each month. In week 1, you get 13 words, week 2 you get 26, week 3 you get 39, and so on. The challenge resets to 13 words at the beginning of the next month.





The Chimera Whine




mutant750-wkMutant 750 Writing Challenge

In the Mutant 750 Writing Challenge, the prompt pair consists of a word and something visual (photograph, work of art, music video, short film, etc.). You must use the definition of the word given in your submission and incorporate the visual prompt. Challenge submissions must be fiction or poetry. Submissions must be 750 words or less.





Mid-Flight Friendship



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