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Our Nest is Empty Once Again


Sarah and Axel on their wedding day

I know I’ve been gone from my blog for far too long; however, I’ve had some very good reasons for doing so. My summer was filled with planning our daughter Sarah’s wedding, which took place on August 3rd.

The summer began with Sarah graduating from college and staying at our house until her wedding took place. Her fiance, Axel, who is from Wisconsin, landed a job in Robbinsdale, Minnesota but had no place to live until after the wedding. We invited him to live at our house until the wedding took place, and so he stayed in our spare bedroom. Our youngest daughter Stephanie was also home for the summer, having a break from her college classes until September, at which time she would return as a senior to Moorhead, Minnesota, where she is majoring in music performance on the cello.

Needless to say, our empty nest was full once more. It  was quite a change from the quiet and serene atmosphere that my husband I were used to. We quickly went from just the two of us to five adults in the space of two weeks. I’d venture to say that it was almost a shock to our systems, and it took some getting to used to, not just on our part, but on the part of our children, also.

Everyone is set in their own habits and getting used to living with them is not easy. For example: my husband and I are used to cleaning up after every meal, washing the dishes, and putting them away immediately, whereas our daughter Sarah and her fiance Axel are much more relaxed about this and sometimes don’t get around to it until the next day. It’s the little things like this that sometimes can get under your skin, but I tried not to let it bother me. But I must tell you that I often took refuge in my backyard just to get away from it all! I am human, after all!

The wedding itself was simple and beautiful. Our daughter Sarah was a lovely bride, and she was so happy that she never shed a tear once during that day. She spoke her vows with love, conviction, and confidence. And I could see the love shining in Axel’s eyes as he placed the ring on her finger.

The wedding reception and dance were filled with fun and laughter. It was so wonderful to see family and friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. As we danced the night away, I noticed that the lovely smile that covered my dear daughter’s face never left it, not even once. I wish I could go through the day of the wedding all over again. But I’ve got memories that will last forever.

Now my daughter Sarah and her husband Axel are living in Minneapolis, about fifteen minutes away from us, and they are deliriously happy as newlyweds. Our daughter Stephanie has returned to college in Moorhead, Minnesota. Our son Joe just received a great promotion at his work. Our children are happy.

And my husband and I are empty-nesters once again. We’ve gotten back into the rhythm of being alone together, and have settled into the routine of our daily life, enjoying each other’s company, enjoying the peace and quiet, enjoying not having dirty dishes piled in the sink, and most of all, enjoying the fact that our children are happy.

It’s not so bad to have an empty nest. You just have to know how to be happy in it.