Let Us Worship the Babe

The world has waited in darkness so long,

For this Child to bring us into the light.

Now let us rejoice and break into song,

And worship our Lord on this holy night.


The brightest star hangs in Bethlehem’s sky,

Right over the place where the Baby lays.

Heaven’s angels have come to glorify,

The Holy Infant whom they’ve come to praise.


The shepherds have left their flocks to adore,

The Child they’ve been told is the newborn King.

His pure radiant face they cannot ignore,

Humble gifts of love are the gifts they bring.


Three wise men travel from so far away,

Bringing gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold,

To worship the Babe on this blessed day,

Following prophesies which were foretold.


So let us come forward on bended knee,

And worship the Babe asleep in the hay.

See this noble Child born in poverty.

He is Christ our Lord who is born today.




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