The Empty Nest

Her curly hair is precious to me,

I’ve counted each freckle that you see.

With every sunset she grows older.

I would like to forever hold her.


Then she goes off to school every day,

And I miss her more than I can say.

Her friends are more important than me.

Whatever happened to family?


Prom is a night I won’t soon forget,

She had on a dress of violet.

Her hair in curls, a smile on her face —

She was truly all beauty and grace.


With honors she was a grad that year,

And hard for me not to shed a tear.

To college she was then gone away —

I knew she’d come back another day.


After four years she finds her true love,

The man she’d always been dreaming of.

Now she was going to be his wife;

Together they would start a new life.


So now my darling has left my nest,

I know that everything’s for the best.

But I’ll always dream of that little girl

With all those freckles and lovely curls!





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