Coffee With a Canine

Today I would like to honor a fellow blogger by the name of Marshal Zeringue.

Marshal posts his unique and wonderful blog over at under the name of Coffee With a Canine. Two weeks ago I received an email from Marshal stating that upon reading my blog, he noticed that I owned a dog and was wondering if I would be willing to participate in a question and answer session on his blog.

So I headed on over to his blog to take a peek and discovered why he calls it “Coffee with a Canine.”Coffee with a canine 2000

His blog is totally all about blog owners and their dogs. Period. He sends out questionnaires to the dog owners about their beloved dogs on the premise that they are having “coffee” with their pooches, asks for a few photos, and then posts the questions and answers on his blog. It’s a very clever way to run a blog. As a matter of fact, when Marshal wrote to me, he stated that he “edited” the blog, which I think is quite upstanding of him, instead of saying that he writes it.

When you look through Marshal’s blog and you see all those beautiful dogs that are shown therein, it is clear that Marshal is definitely a dog-lover, and in my book, any dog-lover is my kind of people! I know that my little dog Lucy would absolutely love him! So Marshal, you would be more than welcome in our home, that’s for sure!

I’d like to thank Marshal for interviewing me and my little Lucy. It was a pleasure to share her with you and the world because she is so precious to me. If you’d like to read the interview that Lucy and I gave to Marshal you may do so by clicking here:

Lucy’s Becomes Famous

And to Marshal: I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures at Coffee with a Canine, but I know you’ll do great!


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