Hope Springs Eternal

E’en though the darkness does ensue,

When all things seem to be askew,

Just hold on tight and you’ll come through,

For God loves you, for God loves you.


Your world is crashing all around,

It seems that evil does abound,

But if you look peace can be found,

God does astound, God does astound.


On days when you are full of woe,

It seems that you are at your low,

Great blessings from on high will flow,

God will bestow, will bestow.


When faith seems to have gone astray,

And sadness does your soul display,

Remember this is when you pray,

God’s here to stay, God’s here to stay.


Hope is a virtue you must own,

Deep in your heart it must be grown,

For then you will not be alone,

God’s grace is sown, God’s grace is sown.




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