A Regretful Decision

Gina felt as though she were in a dream, while she absent-mindedly picked at the steaming hot pepperoni pizzas she’d been served just moments before. The music from the jukebox was blaring, while the thoughts in her mind kept going around and around like a whirling dervish. There were so many things for her to consider . . .

Just then he arrived. He was wearing a double-breasted charcoal grey pin-striped suit, and was sporting a white calla lily in his upper left buttonhole, with a white silk tie to match. The shoes he wore were a pair of black Balmoral Oxfords which were shining to perfection. There wasn’t a single hair out-of-place on his head, and his fingernails were beautifully manicured. As he sat down across from her, she could detect the fragrance of the Creed Cologne that he was wearing.

“Hello, Gina.” He nodded at her.

“Hello,” she replied timidly, not wanting to look in his direction.

“So, my dear, have you finally decided what you are going to do?”

At this point Gina knew it was not simply a test.

“You know, Gina, the choice you make now will be for eternity.”

Gina hated this choice he was giving her. It just wasn’t fair. No one should ever have to make this kind of decision. But then she thought about Davey. What happened to him wasn’t fair, either. It wasn’t his fault that business had gone sour. Now every creditor was after him. He was in so much trouble, and she just had to help.

“Yes, I agree to the terms of the contract,” Gina said, resigned.

“Very well then,” he said. “Your soul in return for helping your friend.” He handed her the papers.

She held back tears full of regret but she signed on the dotted line. Love conquers all.

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