Please Don’t Pass Me By

I know that you’re probably busy,

And your mind tons of things occupy,

But please, take a moment, look at me,

I beg of you — please don’t pass me by.


You see — I have no place to call home,

There’s no shelter with warmth or with heat,

No place to come in out of the wind,

Not even a shack on some back street.


I have no bed to sleep in at night,

No soft pillow for under my head,

I have no blankets to cover me,

For this I use newspapers instead.


When it rains I sleep under the bridge,

It’s the only shelter I can find,

And there’s other people just like me,

Yes it’s true — there are more of my kind.


My clothes are threadbare and all worn out,

There are holes and tears everywhere,

When winter comes I will have no coat,

To keep me warm from the icy air.


Did I mention that I have no food?

It is true — I have nothing to eat.

Just what I salvage from garbage bins,

And I’m lucky if I find some meat.


I know what you’ll say — why don’t I work?

Well, I lost my job six months ago,

Believe me, there’s no work to be found,

And it doesn’t matter where you go.


So if you could spare a few dollars,

My thirst and hunger to satisfy,

Believe me, I’d be ever grateful,

I beg of you — please don’t pass me by.




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