Leonard’s Escape

Leonard remembered how much courage it had taken for him to climb down the ladder, and over the asylum’s walls to freedom. The August moon was overcast by clouds because of the threatening thunderstorms gathering on the horizon. He recalled how his heart was practically pounding out of his chest as his feet finally hit the ground as they landed on the other side. Now all he had to do was run! And he had to run fast! Suddenly the sound of the warning siren began to blare shrilly, and he knew he didn’t have much time to make his escape.

He ran into the evergreen forest which surrounded the asylum. Leonard had been a resident there for the last three years. He had sworn since the first day he entered that he would escape one day, and today was that day. He knew he wasn’t insane, and he wasn’t going to live there another day. Leonard sprinted down the forest trail, running as though his life depended upon it. Then he heard the sound of the dogs howling, and he knew they were chasing his scent.

It wasn’t long before Leonard came upon a rain tunnel. He ducked into the rain tunnel, hoping that this would throw the dogs off his scent. Just as he came to the other side of the rain tunnel, he heard a familiar voice. It was the voice of Dr. Jenkins.

“Okay, Leonard. You’ve had your fun. It’s time to come home now, son. It’s time to come home and get some sleep, Leonard. Let’s go, Leonard. You know the game’s over.”

In that moment, Leonard knew it was no use. It was then that he knew the meaning of defeat.

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