Editor Pick – Yeahwrite.Me #217 Award

yeah write editor pick #217★ I was given the Editor Pick – Yeahwrite.Me #217 Award by the Yeahwrite Editors on June 12, 2015 for a story that I entered in the nonfiction challenge: “My 68-Year-Old Brain.”

In the staff picks post, Editor Stacie wrote this about my story: Here at yeah write we don’t give out awards for “most improved” but it would be a mistake to discuss my pick this week without mentioning how much improvement she’s made since she joined us a year ago. I remember when I joined yeah write – the struggle to not only write consistently, but to condense my words and thoughts into a strong essay. Cindy has really done that this week. Her essay discusses every writer’s worst fear – losing your words – without ever falling into a plea for sympathy. Instead, Cindy shows us the combination of inquisitiveness and fierce determination that keeps her going not just in spite of, but because of, the struggle. It’s worth a re-read.




This was the first true writing award that I’ve ever received, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to receive it. I wanted to shout out to the whole world that editors believed my story was good enough to choose it as the best of the lot for that week!

This was truly a red-letter day for me, and it has made me even more determined to become a better writer. I am forever grateful to the editors at yeahwrite.me for giving me this award.



Cindy's signature gold with flowers








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