Writing Challenges & Activities

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably noticed that not only do I participate in the daily prompts that WordPress provides in the Daily Post, but I also love to take on various writing challenges that I have found along the way. I’ve discovered that there’s nothing better to get those creative juices flowing than a good writing challenge! And it doesn’t really matter to me if I win or not; all that really counts is that I participate. As long as I get the chance to write, I’m happy because I love to write. And believe me, I rarely win.

Each Monday, I eagerly check the Events page that the Daily Post provides to see if there are any new blogging challenges or events listed that I might be interested in. And sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll find one that piques my interest. And whenever I read another blogger’s post, I check their sidebars to see what kinds of blogging activities they’re participating in, and if I’m interested, I click on it and this has led me to some great blogging activities and challenges. Listed below are the writing challenges and activities that I am currently participating in. If you’re interested, you really should check them out! The only one that I have not listed is the daily prompts from WordPress because this is an activity that I think everyone knows about.



five sentenceFive Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week a one-word inspiration is posted, and then anyone wishing to participate writes a five sentence story based on the prompt word. If you’d like to participate in this challenge, please click here:

Five Sentence Fiction



my best bloggers eventMy Best (of Previous Month) is an event to highlight your best work and it provides a platform for bloggers to find great work at one place whether it is poetry, fiction, nonfiction, images, or any kind of post where you can show your best to others and have the opportunity to get inspired by others’ work for your next best. If you’d like to participate in this event, please click here:

My Best Bloggers Event



share your worldShare Your World is a weekly blogging activity run by Cee Neuner. Each week she posed four questions to her blogging friends and we answer them in an effort to get to know each other better. It’s such a great way to become acquainted with your fellow bloggers. If you’d like to participate in this event, please click here:

Share Your World


poetry 101 rehab


Poetry 101 Rehab is a weekly poetry challenge offered by Mara Eastern. Each week Monday she posts a poetry prompt along with her response to it. We are invited to answer the prompt, twist it or ignore it; write a poem of our own or share a poem by another author. It’s a wonderful way to get those creative juices flowing, especially if you love write poetry, and I’m thrilled that I can be a part of it. If you’d like to participate in this event, please click here:

Poetry 101 Rehab




grammar ghoul press 1The Grammar Ghoul Press was founded by Suzanne Purkis, the original Grammar Ghoul. She founded the press in order to provide a unique space for writers and the people who love them. (continued below) The Grammar Ghoul Press hosts two weekly writing challenges: Shapeshifting 13 and Mutant 750.  If you’d like to participate in these challenges, please click here:

Grammar Ghoul Press



yeahwrite logo


Yeahwrite offers weekly writing challenges in the genres of nonfiction, fiction/poetry, and microstories. The participants are encouraged to read and comment on each other’s submissions and then vote for their favorites. If you’d like to participate in these challenges, please click here:




As I said, I love a challenge! And I’m always looking for something new, so if you know of one, please do let me know. And don’t be surprised if the next time you read this page, I have additional challenges or events listed!

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