Come and Adore

Come before the Lord, and give Him praise,

Before Him let all our voices raise.

Raise a hymn of true adoration.

Sing to Him with great adulation.


He is Creator and Father, too.

He makes every day fresh and new.

He commands the rising of the sun,

The moon listens to this Holy One.


The stars He has hung up in the sky,

Their elegance you cannot deny.

He also made the dove and the bear;

He created the flowers so fair.


Come together, men of all voices,

And show Him how your heart rejoices.

Bow before Him, and worship the Lord;

To be with Him is sublime reward.


Come show the Father your grateful heart;

That from His presence you’ll never part.

Show Him He is the One you adore;

With Him you wish to be evermore.




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