Interview With a Special Character

Interviewer:  “So please tell me, how did you get started in your profession?”

Character:  “First of all, my dear, you must know that it takes a special kind of Mother to do what I do. Not just any Mother will do. I was chosen from many, many applicants. The interviewing process was grueling, to say the least! Then He had to choose the ‘Creme de la Creme!'”

Interviewer:  “Creme de la Creme?”

Character:  “Why, me, of course!”

Interviewer:  “Oh, yes, of course! Very good. Now you said that ‘He’ chose you. Exactly who is ‘He’?”

Character: “Oh surely, you must be joking my dear! You don’t know who ‘He’ is? Hmmm? For Heavens Sake, child, I am speaking of Him — The Man Upstairs!”

Interviewer:  “Certainly, how silly of me! Now then, could you please tell me — what are your special qualifications which made you the. . .uhmm. . . ‘Creme de la Creme?'”

Character:  “Well, the first one is rather obvious — one must be the Mother of all Mothers! You know what I mean — loving, nurturing, gentle, yet firm when needed to be firm, and no-nonsense, yet fun-loving in nature — an all around type of gal, you might say. One must also have a certain . . . je ne sais quoi! It is indescribable!  Let’s just say if you’ve got it, you’ve got it; and I definitely have got it!”

Interviewer:  “Is this a permanent position you hold?”

Character:  “My dear, I have been performing my job ever since the beginning of time, and I expect I will be here until the end of time. Don’t you think I look good for my age, though?”

Interviewer:  “Why, yes; you look very good! Next, can you say what is your favorite season?”

Character:  “Yes, yes, I knew you would ask that question. It is always everyone’s favorite question; and I hate to play favorites by even answering it, but if you must know . . Autumn. . no. .Summer. . no. . it has to be Spring . .but then Winter does have Christmas. .Oh my, it is so hard to choose! Actually, there are redeeming qualities in each season and I really do hate to emphasize just one!”

Interviewer:  “What do you mean? What could be good about Winter?”

Character:  “Well, that is certainly easy. Doesn’t everyone love Christmas? It is that time of year when everyone seems to want to spread a little good cheer. It is as though peace and goodwill towards men reign in everyone’s hearts just a little bit stronger during this time of year. You know, we should all keep Christmas in our hearts throughout the year. I think the world would be better for this. Yes, yes. . . and what about Santa Claus? He is such a delightful and jolly character and he makes the children so happy. Just think about the fields after I have sent a fresh blanket of white, bright snow; or how about the way the snow hangs from the tree branches after I’ve created a heavy snow fall? Right after the snow falls everything is so clean and white. Oh I love it when things are clean! . . .Chestnuts roasting on an open fire; Jack Frost nipping at your nose. . hmmhmm. . .I love that song, don’t you? What about drinking hot chocolate before a warm, crackling fire? Winter is the time for everything to take a rest, including the plants, the trees, and even some of the wildlife. Everyone needs time to rest. Yes, Winter is a very good thing.”

Interviewer: “I guess I never thought of it that way before. What is good about Autumn?”

Character:  “You don’t know? Oh my! All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine the trees after I have changed their colors. Think of the leaves in brilliant colors of flaming red, golden yellow, burnt orange, and sienna brown. I love the way these beautifully colored trees look after I have painted them as they line the streets and are mixed together in the forests with the evergreens. This is the season when my artistic side shows; and I do get so many compliments on my artwork! Now I know there is a little chill in the air, but isn’t it nice to be able to finally wear those beautiful sweaters again? Think about bonfires and toasted marshmallows. Also, this is the time of the year when the children return to school, and what a wonderful place school is for them. They can be together with their friends and they learn all sorts of things. Besides that, it gives moms and dads a little break, you know what I mean? What about all the fun people have at Halloween? There are jack-o-lanterns and children all dressed up for trick-or-or treat. This is the time when they can use their imaginations and become whomever they want to become! It is so important to play make believe, don’t you think? And don’t forget about Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to remember how thankful they should be for the good things in their lives like family. . .  We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing; he chastens and hastens his will to make known. . . .hmmhmm. .What a lovely hymn! Autumn is a time when the Summer is winding down, and it finally gives way to Winter. Yes, Autumn is a very good thing.”

Interviewer:  “Yes, I guess I do enjoy the Autumn. What is good about Summer?”

Character:  “. . .In the good old summer time, In the good old summer time, strolling thru’ a shady lane. with your baby mine. . . . hmmhmm. . . I have always loved that song! It’s an oldie but a goodie! In the Summer, Mr. Sun is shining so brightly — it is his favorite time of the year! The children are out of school and they make everything so much more cheerful when they play outside. They ride their bikes and jump rope. They remind us we should be young at heart. Summer brings family vacations, picnics, and baseball games. Families seem to spend more time together in the great outdoors, and the fresh air is good for you. No need for jackets at this time, oh my, no! You can show off that pretty little string bikini you bought and walk around in your bare feet if you wish! Oh what a wonderful feeling — the feeling of the fresh blades of grass under your feet, or if you are on the beach, the feeling of the warm sand moving between your toes. Oh yes, Summer is such a wonderful time of the year. Oh — and let us not forget the grand holiday of the Fourth of July. Don’t you just love to sit on a blanket with your honey when darkness falls and watch the magnificent fireworks explode above your heads? It can be so romantic, you know. Yes, Summer is a very good thing.”

Interviewer:  “Very interesting, indeed. What about Spring? What is good about the Spring?”

Character:  “Spring is the beginning of everything! Why, it may just be the most important season of the year! Just think about it. I make the weather become warmer and then the snow begins to melt. Under the snow are green buds, peeking out of their beds in the ground, after a winter’s slumber. The leaves on the trees begin to bloom. The birds come back from their southern vacation spots, and then they begin to sing. When the dawn is breaking, I tell the birds it is time for them to sing, so they can wake up the whole world. It is in the Spring time when the animals’ babies are born: Birds and fawns, lambs and puppies. Yes, Spring is the beginning of new life, and with the Spring comes the end of Winter. Have you ever heard of Spring Fever? Well, I am here to tell you it exists. When the Spring comes, everyone is anxious to get out of their winter confinements. This is what Spring Fever is. Of course, we can’t forget about Easter. The children adore Easter. Don’t you remember how it felt to search for your Easter basket on Easter morning and participate in egg hunts? The Easter Bunny simply loves this holiday. It’s his chance to get out for the year. . . “Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail; hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way. . .Yes, Spring is a very good thing.”

Interviewer:  “This has all been very informative. I do have one more question, if I may?”

Character:  “Of course, my dear. I will try my best to answer.”

Interviewer:  “Well, since you control the seasons, you must have something to do with things like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes; things of that nature, is that right?”

Character:  “Yeeeesss. . ..?”

Interviewer:  Okay, if that’s so, then why do you do these things? Why do you cause havoc in people’s lives, leaving them homeless, and worse?”

Character:  “Oh, my dear! You must understand that I do not have the authority to do any of those things by myself. The Man Upstairs puts in a request and I fulfill it, that’s all! I merely carry out His wishes.”

Interviewer:  “But why? Have you ever asked Him why these things happen? They are not good things, so why would He allow them to happen? I just don’t understand!”

Character:  “I know it is difficult, my dear. I did ask Him the very same question one time. He told me that His will is perfect and His timing is perfect and this was all I needed to know. For me, that is enough. I participate in His plan and I do it willingly because I know everything works together for the good. Does that help?”

Interviewer:  “I guess that will have to do for now. I guess I will have to try to have a little more faith.”

Character:  That’s right my dear, just a little more faith — in God and in your fellow man! Remember — faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.”

Interviewer:  I never heard it put quite that way before; but you are absolutely right. Well, I think that about covers it. Thank you so much for your time; I really do appreciate it, and I know the readers will absolutely love this article. It’s not very often we get to interview a person of your stature!”

Character:  Oh my Heavens, you are most welcome, my dear. I will do anything to help the masses understand me a little bit better!”

Interviewer:  Could I ask for just one little favor, please?

Character:  Of course dear, what is it?

Interviewer:  Would it be possible for you to extend Indian Summer just a little bit longer this year? It is my favorite time of the year.”

Character:  Oh my, I will do what I can my dear, just for you!”

Interviewer:  Thank you so much, Mother Nature.”

Mother Nature:  You are most welcome, my dear!”



  • Why, you are so kind to say so! It’s nice to know that someone is reading my little stories, so thank you for your comments. You really don’t know how much I appreciate it, truly. This was a fun story to write, just a little something to occupy my time, that’s all, nothing too serious, that’s for sure! I hope your day is amazing!


  • Did a little wandering around your site and just found this conversation with sweet mother nature. clever gal you are to think this up.


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