You’ve Got To Have Faith

Tom Sellers couldn’t believe the bad luck he was having today, of all days. He was marrying his high-school sweetheart, Gina Plankton, in an hour up on the mountain, but now he was stranded on this old deserted road.

He’d been driving along when steam began flowing out from underneath the hood and then the car stopped altogether. He jumped out of the car, opened the hood, and with an old cloth which he’d grabbed from underneath the seat, was able to unscrew the radiator cap. It was just as he thought. The radiator needed water. Where was he going to get that? he wondered, looking up and down the road, hoping on the outside chance that someone might come by with a jug of water to fill the radiator.

Then he thought about Gina. He thought about her big, beautiful, blue eyes with flashes of green hidden in them. He thought about her strawberry blonde hair that reached to her shoulders. He thought about her lovely ruby-red lips and her kisses that always tasted like honey. He knew she’d be waiting for him. He knew that if he didn’t show up, she’d be disappointed. He knew that there was the possibility that he might lose her forever, and he couldn’t bear that thought.

Suddenly he heard a honking noise behind him and turned around to see an elderly woman in a green 1932 DeSoto stopping beside him.

“Need a ride up the mountain? Get in.” she smiled.

They drove up the mountain in silence. He was thinking how fate couldn’t have intervened at a better time. When they reached the little chapel, Tom got out and was about to thank the woman.

She held up her hand and said, “Sometimes you just have to have faith, Tom.”



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