My Little Blossom

A daughter is a gift from God,

There cannot be a finer thing,

Than watching while she’s growing up,

Her growth reminds me of the spring.


She’s just like a little blossom,

A tiny bud in bloom is she,

It seems she grows a bit each day,

Like a flowering apple tree.


She’s such a darling little girl,

Her personality is sweet,

She can’t help but be so charming,

When she smiles it is quite a treat.


In her world her dolls are babies,

All her stuffed animals are real,

She plays her game of make-believe,

While playing dress-up with such zeal.


Her hugs and kisses are precious,

I melt when she says, “I love you,”

She puts her arms around my neck,

It’s then I know her love is true.


I wish that my little blossom,

Could remain forever with me

But I know she has to grow up,

To become her own apple tree.




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