Writing Awards

Writing Awards BannerThere can be nothing more rewarding to a writer than to receive an award for her writing. It is an affirmation that she has done well and that her work has been appreciated to the point that someone believed that she should receive an award for it. Words cannot express the feelings of deep satisfaction and tremendous joy that I have felt when I received these awards for my writing. To tell the truth, receiving them has brought me to the point of tears.

I love to write and whenever I finish a blog post, a story, a poem, or lyrics for a song, and I know that I have done the very best job that I can do, I also feel a sense of personal satisfaction. But then to receive a writing award? Now that brings me to the point of what I can only describe as jubilation!

To those who believe that my stories, poems, or other writings deserve these awards, I am forever grateful. I want you to know that when I receive these awards, they only serve to spur me on to strive to be better; to hone my writing skills even more; to be the best writer that I can possibly be. To quote Robert Browning: “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp–or what’s a heaven for?” And that’s what I want to do – reach for the stars as far as my writing is concerned. And who knows how far I can go?

“Ink on paper is as beautiful to me as flowers on the mountains — God composes, why shouldn’t we?” ~Terri


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yeah write editor pick #217EDITOR PICK – YEAHWRITE.ME #217

June 12, 2015

Presented by:  Yeahwrite Editors

For:  “My 68-Year-Old Brain”

Commendation:  Here at yeah write we don’t give out awards for “most improved” but it would be a mistake to discuss my pick this week without mentioning how much improvement she’s made since she joined us a year ago. I remember when I joined yeah write – the struggle to not only write consistently, but to condense my words and thoughts into a strong essay. Cindy has really done that this week. Her essay discusses every writer’s worst fear – losing your words – without ever falling into a plea for sympathy. Instead, Cindy shows us the combination of inquisitiveness and fierce determination that keeps her going not just in spite of, but because of, the struggle. It’s worth a re-read.



yeah write top three #217TOP THREE – YEAHWRITE.ME #217

June 12, 2015

Presented by:  Yeahwrite.me

For:  “Pandora’s Box”

Note:  I received this award by popular vote, which was quite a thrill for me. I came in third. The first place winner received 9 votes, the second place winner received 8 votes, and I received 7 votes; therefore, it was a close vote. I’m very proud of this accomplishment, and I’m grateful to all who voted for me. 



Comment Bob Award 1000



June 30, 2014

Presented by:  Comment Bob at yeahwrite.me

Commendation:  Newcomer Cindy at A Slice of Life made the rounds and also replied to every person who took the time to comment on her own post.”






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