The Inspiration of Music

When I am feeling sad and blue

There’s one thing that I like to do

To hear the music match my mood

In solitary quietude


As I listen to the sound

Of the music going round

I find that it’s not long before

I am feeling sad no more


When I need to calm my soul

And relaxation is my goal

I put some gentle music on

Then all the stress seems to be gone


Music takes the tension away

Especially at the end of day

It soothes my soul and gives me rest

And helps me to be at my best


When I’m happy and want to sing

The sound of music’s the very best thing

Music can help my heart to dance

If only I will give it a chance


Music can put a twinkle in my eye

With a feeling of joy I cannot deny

In all that I’ve shown you I’m sure you can see

That music is very important to me

Music Is My Inspiration





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