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Yeahwrite is a weekly writing challenge that I enjoy participating in over at yeahwrite.  They offer writing challenges in the genres of nonfiction, fiction/poetry, and microstories. They also have a moonshine grid on the weekends in which you can post any genre of writing which is not judged or voted on.

My favorite genre to write in happens to be nonfiction, but I have entered the fiction/poetry genre and have also dabbled in microstories from time to time.

When you enter your writing, it is looked over carefully by yeahwrite’s editors for punctuation, grammar, and spelling, and if there are any errors whatsoever, your story/poem is not eligible for voting by the readers and you receive a “love letter” from the editor telling you why your piece was not eligible for voting. These letters are actually quite valuable pieces of advice for the next time that you write. If your story or poem is given the editor’s stamp of approval, then the readers vote for their three favorites and the three entries which receive the most votes receive the awards

The entries listed below are those that I have written for yeahwrite. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed writing them.


Cindy's signature with flower and butterfly







F = Fiction;  GB = Gargleblaster;   NF = Nonfiction;  P =Poetry


GB:  A Lover’s  Search

NF:  A Matter of Honor

NF:  A Place To Be Alone

NF:  Age is a Work of Art

F:     Be Careful What You Wish For

P:     Beyond the Earth

GB:  Final Payment Due

NF:  Grand Theft Auto

GB:  If It Weren’t For the Rain

GB:  Irony

NF:  Joy in Suffering

P:     Lost and Found

GB:  Love at First Sight

NF:  My 68-Year-Old Brain –  * Winner of Editor Pick Yeahwrite.Me #217 Award

P:     My Little Blossom

NF:  My Temple

NF:  Not Just a Number

P:     Now Fly, Fly!

P:     Pandora’s Box – * Winner of Top Three Yeahwrite.Me #217 Award

MS:  Poolside Proposition

MS:  Smart Dog

NF:  Stephanie’s Minnow

NF:  The Cellist

F:     The Last Goodbye

F:     The List

NF:  The Ride

NF:  The Wedding Gown

P:     The World is Mine if I Have You

NF:  Three Words You Never Hear Anymore

GB:  To the Moon and Back

GB:  What’s Your Sign?

P:     Where Your Treasure Lies

NF:   You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone



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