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Then You Found Me




I was
and full of despair.

I was
and desperate for company.

I was
and needing a purpose.

Then you found me…

I am whole again,
no longer alone,
and full of hope.

Tomorrow will be better.



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Making New Memories


This week’s word:  MEMORIES


Christina smiled tenderly as she gazed at the black and white image of the five barefooted children who were linked together by holding hands while looking out over the ocean.

Memories of her childhood came rushing back to her as she remembered those almost long-forgotten carefree days, washing over her just like the tide of that ocean washed over the shore on the day that photograph was taken. She remembered how life was so free and easy then, so much simpler and less complicated, and how stress wasn’t even a factor.

But tomorrow was going to be the beginning of a new life for her, a chance to start fresh, to finally break free of the bad memories that had been holding her hostage these past three years so that she could begin making good memories for herself and for her children.

And the first thing on their list was a trip to the ocean.



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