Life’s Long Journey

Life is a long journey

on which we all must travel.

We must go over the hills and through

the valleys, never knowing

when the storms shall appear,

hoping for sunny weather to smile upon us.


We know that a good outlook will sustain us

as we voyage on this sometimes perilous journey.

We know that often the road will appear

to be dangerous as we travel

along, but we keep going, knowing

that if we persevere we can make it through.


After a life’s storm, we can see the sun through

the clouds. Soon its bright rays will shine upon us,

giving us warmth, and we smile, knowing

that one more leg of life’s treacherous journey

has been traversed. Encouraged, we travel

on, hoping that only good fortune will appear.


At the end of life’s journey, death will appear.

It is an inevitable valley we must voyage through.

We must be alone on this final travel,

and no one may cross over or accompany us.

We are grateful, for at the end of our journey,

we will meet our God who is loving and knowing.


We leave this journey called life, knowing

that a new generation will soon appear

to take our place. They will themselves journey

on their own voyage, which will take them through

valleys and over hills. They will remember that it was us

who went before them, and it was a road we also did travel.


Through storms and sunny days they will travel,

persevering through all the dangers, knowing

that we, too, had a good outlook to sustain us.

Though the road will often appear

dangerous, they know they will make it through.

They are traveling on life’s long journey.


Travel the road of life, never knowing what will appear,

knowing that with determination you can make it through;

us being all the wiser for having traveled life’s long journey.





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