A Special Treat

If I ever became famous enough that a restaurant would name a dish after me, that would be one of those red-letter days that I would never have expected to occur in my lifetime, that’s for sure.

I have never wished for fame or fortune, because I believe that they are but fleeting commodities. As far as fortune is concerned, I believe that it’s not having “things” in life that makes a person happy. The “things” that you possess grow old and worn out, but it’s your loved ones who are your greatest treasure. Their love for you will never fade and it will shine brighter as time goes on. And fame? Many times a person only gets their fifteen minutes of fame. As for me, I truly love the people who I know and who know and love me – my family and my friends. They’re the ones who matter to me, not the entire world. And they will know and love me for the rest of my life, not just fifteen minutes.

But . . . if a restaurant did name a dish after me, it would not be a sandwich. I’m just not a sandwich person. So, if they came to me and asked me what kind of dish I’d like them to prepare in my honor and name after me, I would say: “Make it a dessert!” Oh yes, definitely – dessert! And on second thought, make it a chocolate dessert!” Because anyone who Cindy's Chocolate Truffle Treatknows me knows that I love chocolate!

This dessert would have plenty of rich velvety chocolate truffles, ooey-gooey caramel sauce, finely crushed walnuts, all served over two scoops of French vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, with two cherries on top, and hot fudge sauce on the side.

And as for the name – Cindy’s Chocolate Truffle Treat.

I know the dessert that I described sounds rather simple. It’s really not that fancy. After all, there’s no stirring, no whipping, no cooking, no frying, and no baking. It’s very easy to make. As a matter of fact, you could make this at home very easily.

And that’s the whole point. After all, I don’t care about fame or fortune. I’m happy just being me. And if some day a little fame comes way, that’s fine. But if not, I won’t miss it. Because I already have what I need right here and now.

Mmm . . .  I think I’m going to make my own little chocolate treat . . .

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What is fame? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.” ~ Lord Byron


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