Writing 101- Day Seven: “Give and Take”

Day Seven – Give and Take:  

* Today’s Prompt:  Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

* Today’s Twist:  Write your post in the form of a dialogue. 

“Can you believe the nerve of those people? Why do we ever go to these parties, anyway?” Lisa slammed her keys on the kitchen counter.

“It’s good for us to go out and have some fun, don’t you think?” Scott quietly went about hanging their coats in the hall closet.

“I know, but some people just don’t know when to shut up sometimes. They were definitely getting on my nerves. I was so glad to get out of there.”

“Well, we’re home now, so you can just relax.”

“Honestly, some people never know when to shut up. All they do is go on and on about how much money they made last month and which vacation they came back from last week – it’s positively nauseating!”

“I know it upsets you, but you just can’t let these things get to you.” Scott came over to where Lisa was sitting on the sofa and began to gently massage her shoulders.

“And didn’t you think that Jack Fraser was rather mean tonight?”


“Yes! I’m talking about the way he bragged over getting the promotion that you were supposed to get. Didn’t that make you angry?”

“Lisa, Jack deserved that promotion just as much as I did. It was always a toss-up as to who would get it. So no, I was not angry. And he wasn’t bragging, he was merely sharing his good news. I think you were just being overly sensitive about the whole thing, that’s all.”

“Well, I think you’re just too nice, as far as I’m concerned.”

“You know what they say: it’s nice to be nice.”

“Well, Mr. Nice Guy, did you hear Jessica Wilkins go on and on about how her son is going to Princeton in the fall? By the way she talks, you’d think that the sun set and rose on that boy. It’s a sure bet that all her father’s wealth certainly helped him get into that college.”

“Now, Lisa, you shouldn’t say things like that. It could very well be that he earned that spot on his own merit.”

“I suppose, but she just makes me so mad, bragging so much like she does, like they all do. I’m just sick of all of them.”

Scott stopped massaging Lisa’s shoulders.

“You know what?” he said. “I think you’re right. Maybe we shouldn’t go to these parties anymore. I think it would be best for all concerned.”

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