Writing 101- Day One: “Unlock the Mind”

Day One – Unlock the Mind:

* Today’s Prompt:   To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. 

* Today’s Twist:  Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

This is my first entry for Blogging University: Writing 101. Even though I’ve been blogging for three years or so, I know that I’ve still got a lot to learn, and I’m always looking for ways in which I can improve my writing. I’m really looking forward to this workshop and hope to gain valuable insights from it, and at the same time from new friendships. I think it may prove to be an exciting month! So here goes . . .

Today is Monday, the day after Easter. It’s rainy and gloomy outside, which seems appropriate because it matches my mood. I feel a bit blue today because yesterday we said goodbye to our youngest daughter Stephanie as she left for Wisconsin to return to college after her spring break. I’m always sadrainy day 1000 when she has to go back to school. It’s not because I’m not used to having an empty nest; after all, my husband and I have been empty-nesters for the past six years. No. The reason I’m sad is because the past week has been so lovely spending quality mother-daughter time with her – chatting about all those things that mothers and daughters do and just being together that I simply didn’t want it to end. Even my toy poodle Lucy is moping about the house today. She always does the first couple days after Stephanie leaves. The last time Stephanie returned to school, I even caught my little dog lying down in front of my daughter’s closed bedroom door, as if waiting for her to emerge at any moment. But I know that we’ll start feeling better towards the end of the week, once we get back into our normal routine once again.

On the brighter side of life, on Thursday I’m having cataract surgery performed on my right eye, which I’m very excited about. Two weeks ago I had the same surgery performed on my left eye, and I felt as though a miracle had occurred. You see, I’ve been wearing glasses from the time I was five and my daisy in rainvision has become progressively worse ever since. As a matter of fact, upon waking and before even getting out of bed, I’d reach for my glasses because I couldn’t see a thing without them. But when I had the surgery done and they placed a temporary contact lens in my other eye, I didn’t need my glasses anymore, and it seemed like a miracle to me. Now my vision is even better than when I had glasses. Things are clearer, crisper, and brighter. I can see the first thing when I wake in the morning, I can see while taking a shower, I can see while walking in the rain and not having raindrops splash my lenses – all those little things that people who don’t have glasses take for granted. It’s just been wonderful! And I can hardly wait to have my other eye done and throw away my glasses for good!

Now, isn’t that funny? As I’m looking out my window, I can see the sun beginning to peek through the clouds. Maybe it won’t be such a bad day after all . . .


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  • Loved reading your first assignment. I completely understand what you are saying about your daughter. It is reverse for me, we moved a year and a half ago and my mom is here visiting me and I am dreading Friday because she will return back to Wyoming and I love my days with my mom. I have heard great things from people having cataract surgery, what a great gift.


    • Yes, it’s so difficult when our loved ones leave us, especially when we enjoy sharing time with them. And it’s so true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, isn’t it? And as far as cataract surgery goes, all I can say is that it is truly a blessing for me and I am ever grateful that I have been given this gift. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope your week is amazing! 🙂


  • Very nice post! I can relate to the feeling of being able to throw the glasses out. I’ve been wearing them for years and there’s nothing like being able to open your eyes and see first thing. Though I still wear mine occasionally, lol. Looking forward to more.


    • Hi Ellie! It has been an amazing feeling, not having to wear glasses anymore, although I do still need to use cheaters for reading. But that’s okay because I really don’t mind. And thanks for your kind compliment; it is much appreciated. I hope you have an awesome week. 🙂


  • Nice post! Anyone who has had kids leave after a holiday certainly can associate with it, and those who haven’t get a glimpse of what it is like so they can get prepared. Looking forward to reading more! My blog is at Prayyior.com.


    • Thanks so much for your kind comments; I appreciate it. Yes, I always dread it when Steph has to go back to school, but I know I’d better get used to it because I know she’ll probably never live at home again. It’s true when they say that kids grow up so fast. I’m heading over to read your blog now. 🙂

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  • Well done…I’ve just finished my day one assignment https://myredpage.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/writing-101-day-one/
    I think only the first steps are harder…:) everything becomes much clearer as we step into the light:)


  • Hi Michelle. Thanks for your kind comments. I tried to find your post, but my goodness! there are so many! If you’d send me a link to yours, I’d love to read it, so please do! I hope you have a great day! 🙂


  • I can relate to your post. I’m going through the empty nest experience now. That stuff about not seeing in the shower and walks in the rain becoming hampered by window-washerless glasses are things I can also relate to. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! It’s not often I get to say that to anyone. Thanks for taking this class with us!


    • Hi! I’m so glad that someone else understands what it’s like to wear glasses. And thanks for the congrats. I’m going to try to find your entry, but there are so many; however, I’m going to try. Have a great day! 🙂


  • I so love to hear about empty nest situations as I am going through it. Very enjoyable post. Great first assignment! http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/


    • Hi Lily. Thanks for the great comments. It was quite a change, getting used to an empty nest, but then I don’t have to tell you about that. As a matter of fact, I’m on my way over to your blog right now. Have a great day! 🙂


  • Nice honest post. Mine was also family focused but slightly different track. Looking forward to more over the course and like you I’ve been bogging a while but still so much to learn. Let the fun begin 🙂


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