Beyond the Earth


Stars twinkling in the moonlit sky,

Shining brilliantly, a breathtaking sight to behold,

Each one waiting with a secret to be discovered.

How long before we mere mortals can reach them?


galaxy-cluster-1e-0657-56Planets — more than we can even acknowledge,

Exist in other galaxies, in far too many than we can even count.

The possibilities are endless if we ever journey to these planets.

What secrets could we unlock there? What life may exist there?


Galaxies, infinite beyond number; are lying out there in the great beyond,

Awaiting to be discovered; galaxies to be observed that we have never laid eyes on before,

Beyond the Milky Way, beyond any galaxies that we could even know,

Who will be the first to behold these magnificent sights, these most awesome of wonders?

I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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