The Broken Promise

This week’s word:  VINDICTIVE


As Marie slowly made her way up the seemingly long path that led to the Blackwell Manor looming large before her, the events of all that had occurred approximately sixteen months before whirled through her mind, precipitating a flood of painful memories deep within her.

She had been faithful to David Blackwell for five long years; as a matter of fact, she had been the very epitome of love, generosity, kindness, patience, honesty, compassion, commitment, thoughtfulness, understanding, selflessness, goodness, and above all, fidelity. She had given everything of herself to him, never expecting anything in return, except, of course, for the promise of his love and the promise of a gold wedding band around her finger.

broken promise broken heartAnd he had made that promise to her, proposing to her on a beautiful, warm spring day in May, even getting down on bended knee as he said those four little words she had been longing for him to say: “Will you marry me?” and they had been so happy together until the day when Susan Martin showed up and their lives were changed forever.

Susan Martin was nothing but a home wrecker, as far as Marie was concerned, and had ruined everything by splitting her and David up, breaking their engagement, and claiming David for her own; and now all that Marie could feel was nothing but contempt, and frankly, she wasn’t really sure what she was going to do once she entered Blackwell Manor and stepped onto the scene of David’s and Susan’s engagement party . . .


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