No Excuses

The seven cardinal or deadly sins are: lust, gluttony, avarice (or greed), sloth (or laziness), wrath (or extreme anger), envy, and pride. This classification of sins has been used since early Christian times in order to instruct and educate Christians concerning fallen humanity’s tendency to sin. They were guidelines by which Christians could lead a virtuous life.

To tell the truth, I don’t think I would even want the job of adding a new sin to the list. That’s an awfully big responsibility for just one person, especially me! But if God gave me a commandment, saying: “Cindy, you WILL decide what the eighth deadly sin will be,” then I guess I would have no choice. And I know exactly what the eighth sin would be.

white rabbit late 1I have one pet peeve that I would elect as the eighth sin and that would be tardiness. As far as I’m concerned, unless there is a true emergency, there is no excuse whatsoever for someone to be late. Seriously. Especially if you are chronically late.

For instance, if you arrive at work five minutes late every single day of the week, isn’t that your queue that you should be leaving five minutes earlier? And what about those people that you make a dinner date with, say another couple, and they arrive twenty minutes late. But you knew they were going to be late because they’re always late. What is up with those people? Do they like making a dramatic entrance? I’m sorry, but I think it is rude and disrespectful. After all, everyone’s time is valuable. And I’m sorry if it hits a little too close to home for anyone who may be reading this, but that’s just how I feel.

Everyone’s late now and then; even I’ve been late here and there. And there are occasions when it can’t be helped. But for heaven’s sake, there is no excuse for habitual tardiness, not in my book. I just think it’s inconsiderate. We need to start thinking more of each other when it comes to these situations.

And we must try to remember that we will only be treated in the same way that we treat others.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “People count the faults of those who keep them waiting.”  ~ Proverb





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  • I had a job that required punctuality to the pint of being fired if you didn’t shape up. After 24 years of living by the clock I’ve relaxed my expectation from those around me where If thy are late I take the opportunity to read. The good thing about joining my coworkers and my good work friends for a gathering was that everyone of was was right on time. lol
    At that time I used to give murderous looks to those that made me wait. Now days, I only hold punctuality rules for the people that I pay money to for services like Doctors which are always late for due to heavy patient load, but hey, I just read some more.


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  • G’day Cindy
    Since retiring from a 43 year career of half hourly appointments ( I was a property settlement clerk) I am, I suppose a little hardened to constant late comers, they get 10 minutes, and if they haven’t contacted me, I proceed without them, be it a meal at home here or an evening out, if their presence is important to them they should be on time.


  • I so agree. I hate it when people are late and I’m not speaking of 5 minutes, I’m talking about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


    • Yes, now that is really late and really rude, if you ask me. I don’t think there’s a good excuse for that unless there’s some kind of emergency, do you? Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a great day!


  • Due to circumstances I could not control, I was five minutes later than usual getting to my office the other day. Still, I was early enought to get there before my client did. But my poor secretary was nearly frantic because, in her words, “You are NEVER late! You ALWAYS get here 20 minutes before your first client! I was about ready to call the police or something!” So now you know, I’m a punctuality nut too. If I’m going to be late, I’d rather not go. And if you consistently keep me waiting, wondering what has happened to you, then I don’t think you respect our friendship/relationship very much and I probably won’t make another date with you any time soon.


    • Yes, those are my sentiments exactly. And when I’m late, people begin to worry about me, too, because it’s not my habit to be late, ether. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you day is wonderful!


  • I’m a sinner. I’m either 30 minutes early or 10 minutes late. A lot of it had to do with herding cats…I mean wrangling 3 children. You NEVER know what’s going to happen. I think the bigger sin is the excuse. Why should anyone have to give an excuse for being late. Obviously something happened – your real or fabricated reason for it shouldn’t matter. Forgive me father, for I am late. 😉

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  • This is so true! And right beside sits ‘I’ll text you when I’m around’. No…


  • I’m so with you on this and agree! big time!


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  • totally agree with you!! 🙂


  • I agree with you. We also have “those people” in our life that we have learned to meet with thirty minutes before we actually want to so they will be on time! Haha.


    • Yes, I have those people in my life, too. I have two sisters who I always tell to come 30 minutes earlier than they have to – then they come on time! ; ) Have a great day!


  • I have anxiety, and anytime anyone is late it freaks me out that they are not going to show up or I went to the wrong place – of course this is usually my mind just over reacting.

    My boss always told us, “if you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, if you are late you are fired.” — and to be honest, that last part of it, he almost always followed after the 3rd time. This was a student job in college, and I was ok with that, because I was not ok with the person who came after me making me wait for forever because they were too lazy to get there on time without a reason ( not calling ahead of time for a valid reason). I hope it taught some kids a lesson for when they graduated!

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    • Yep, there’s no excuse for being late, unless there’s an emergency, not in my book, at least. I am a stickler for punctuality, always have been. And it makes me anxious, too, if someone is late. And I’m always early! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day!


  • Oh, I so agree with you!! This is my pet peeve, too. And I love how you incorporated all of this together. Great post 🙂


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