Music is the Key

Let’s face it. In today’s world, life can be stressful. There is just no way that a person can have a stress-free day every single day of their life. There’s bound to be something, somewhere, sometime during the week that is going to cause tension in our lives. Maybe it will be a stalled vehicle in the middle of rush hour traffic which causes the commute to work to be even slower than usual. Or maybe you didn’t get the contract that you bid on and were counting on getting. Maybe the kids have been acting up lately and you just can’t seem to be able to deal with them. Or maybe you just had a bad hair day. Whatever the cause, we all should be able to have that one thing to do, one place to go, or one person to talk to that will make us feel better. Right?

Whenever I’m stressed out, there’s one thing that has always helped to make me “feel human again,” and that’s music. The reason for this is that I can listen to the kind of music that will fill my needs at any given moment. If I need music that is uplifting, then perhaps I’ll listen to a dose of spiritual music. If I’m feeling sad and blue, then maybe some rock and roll music is in order to cheer me up. Music can transport me into another world. It can take me away from all the stress and all the worries of life. It can soothe and comfort me. Music makes me feel better.

If the weather’s nice, I might sit on my deck in the back yard and listen to my music. Sometimes it’s great to take a bubble bath with the music playing. At other times, I’ll lie in my bed and listen to my music there. And I’ve also taken walks with my music playing through my ear buds (my dog loves it when we do this).

It really doesn’t matter where I go or what I do. The key to relieve my stress is music. And who is one of my favorite artists? Take a listen:



All I really need is music. Music makes my world go round.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Β “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Β  ~ Berthold Auerbach





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  • Cindy thank you for introducing me to Enya. The music is awesome.


  • Thank you for that extremely helpful info on binaural beats and migraine!! I suffer from them too sometimes very badly and I’m keen to try. Lovely post btw, I like Enya for relaxing.


  • That’s an uplifting music, Cindy. I love music and miss it too. I’ve had migraine and so can’t enjoy any kind of music now for the fear of getting a headache.


    • Oh, you poor dear. 😦 I know how awful migraine headaches can be because I also suffer from them. But I think that I can offer some help.

      When I have migraine headaches,I listen to music which contains binaural beats. Binaural beats are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds,caused by specific physical stimuli.This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on claims coming from the alternative medicine community that binaural beats could help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. Binaural beats work on the brainwaves by producing a phenomenon resulting in low-frequency pulsations in the amplitude and sound localization of a perceived sound when two tones at slightly different frequencies are presented separately, one to each of a person’s ears, when they use headphones. But you MUST use headphones to get the desired full effect. A beating tone will be perceived, as if the two tones mixed naturally, out of the brain. The frequencies of the tones must be below 1,000 hertz for the beating to be noticeable. The difference between the two frequencies must be small (less than or equal to 30 Hz) for the effect to occur; otherwise, the two tones will be heard separately, and no beat will be perceived.

      My oldest daughter also suffers from very bad migraines, even worse than mine, and she has found this method to be quite effective. I’d love to help you, so I have listed several pieces of music below with binaural beats.

      Why don’t you try them and see if it helps? Also, one particular piece of music may work at one time, but maybe the next time you’ll have to try a different one. But whatever you do, be SURE that you use stereo headphones to listen; otherwise the desired effect will not be as great, which is the binaural beats. You will still have binaural beats without the stereo headphones, but it is a greater effect with the stereo headphones.

      What I like to do when I have migraines is to ask not to be disturbed, go to my bedroom, close the door, darken the room, and lie down on my bed. I also like to use aromatherapy or a scented candle to help soothe me. Great scents to use for migraines include: jasmine, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and sandalwood. Unplug or shut off the phone, put on your stereo headphones, get comfortable, turn on your music, close your eyes, and let the healing begin. Here are some musical selections that I like to use. They are all of varying lengths, and you can find all of these on YouTube. All of them contain binaural beats/tones:

      Okay, so there you have it. Hopefully, the next time you have a migraine headache and you listen to one of these musical selections through your stereo headphones, your migraine will be eased away from you. Please do keep me informed and updated. I would love to know if you have success with this method. There’s nothing that I enjoy more than helping others (I am a retired registered nurse), but it’s even better if I know the outcome.

      I wish you the very best of luck, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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      • Thank you, Cindy. I will definitely try the binaural music, it is new to me. Thanks for the music they are very soothing. I’ll continue to see the effects and surely keep you posted. I think it’s best to sleep in a dark room, it really helps. I remember a time when I used to close all the curtains for the entire day. I could not bear the sunlight while staying indoors as well. Scents and aroma helps me sometimes and sometimes aggravates the pain.
        Thanks Cindy once again; you are very kind and thoughtful.


        • Hi Norma. I surely do hope that this helps you. I know how terrible it is to have migraines. I have them every once in awhile, but my oldest daughter suffers greatly from them and this music does help her, so I sincerely hope that it helps you, too. I’m always happy to help someone who needs it; it makes me glad to do so. So keep me updated, dear Norma. I will keep my fingers crossed and I’ll say a prayer for you, too. Good luck, my friend.


  • Enya is my favorite too! My parents went on a cruise to Alaska and heard Enya “Carribean Blue” for the first time on the ship. When she had me listen to it, I feel in love with the song! It makes me feel relaxed. I agree that music takes away the stress… πŸ˜€


    • Yes, Enya is so awesome. I love her music. I have all her CD’s. And you’re right – it is very relaxing music. Thanks for stopping by. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful and stress-free. πŸ™‚


  • Agreed!! Music is like nothing else … If not for music, I don’t know where I would be. Great post!


  • Enya is one of my favorites, I have many many favorites.


  • ah… sounds relaxing Cindy πŸ™‚


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