The Scariest Movie I’ve Ever Seen

I am not a big fan of horror movies; mostly because I get too scared! I know that logically it’s all “make-believe,” but for some reason they still scare the bejeebers out of me, which is why my husband and I have NEVER gone to see a horror movie in our entire life together.

The last time I went to see a horror movie, I was seventeen. My boyfriend at the time promised me that I’d like the movie – he’d already seen it and thought it was pretty good, and since I thought I was so in love with him, I agreed. Ah, the foolishness of youth. The movie was The scaredExorcist.

I guess what really frightened me about this movie was the fact that I knew that people have been possessed by demons – did not Jesus cast demons out of a young boy? And I’m sure there were others. But I thought that with my big, strong, handsome boyfriend sitting next to me in the movie theater with his arm around me that I wouldn’t be scared at all. Was I ever wrong! About halfway through the movie, and I think maybe it was at the scene where the young girl’s head spun around 360 degrees, I told my boyfriend in no uncertain terms that I wanted to leave right then and there. We made a hasty exit out of the theater and he had to bring me to a nearby coffee shop and buy me a cup of coffee to calm my nerves, and I didn’t even drink coffee! I had a hard time sleeping that night and also for about a week after that experience, and I vowed then and there that I would never go to see another scary movie again.

And I never have. I’ll watch just about any other kind of movie: adventure, action, drama, comedy, romance, sci-fi, western, musical, religious, historical, documentary, family, even animated films. But I will not watch horror films! And I have kept my promise. I’d rather watch the entire movie without having to cover my eyes!

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.”  ~ Andre Gide




  • That movie scarred me for life along with The Omen. The last horror movie i watched was Hellraiser and my kids laugh at me because they say these moves are not scary at all. Goodness! how on earth did they get so brave? lol

    In all honesty, I do wish I could sit down and see The Exorcist again. I want to see it now that I know about special effects and I’m much more skeptical of supernatural phenomena. One day, I guess. lol


    • Honestly, you are brave! There is just no way that I would even consider watching that movie ever again. even now, after all these years. I know it’s all just special effects, but I just don’t think I could bring myself to do it. And yes, I wonder, too, how the kids these days aren’t bothered by horror movies. It’s weird, isn’t it?


  • G’day Cindy,
    I have never been game enough to watch that movie, or as I usually do if for some reason I feel I can’t see a movie I usually read the book, not that one hahahaha


    • Hi Muzzy – nice to hear from you, as always! I read the book and was not as freaked out for some reason, but the movie scared me out of my wits. The book is very good, actually. Have a great day, my friend!


  • I have to be very careful even with the books I read, because the vivid scenes will replay in my mind for days after — and haunt me in flashbacks at odd times for years.


    • Yes, I have that problem with movies especially. Not so much with books, though. That’s why I don’t like horror movies. They’re too vivid for me. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  • Thank you for visiting my blog. I also saw this film after reading. I found such a shame that the director takes only a few pages of books that are most impressive when speaking of evil over good, while the book is a far superior film quality. It is true that the film is impressive, but what a mess, the message of the original book. (google translation). My english is not so best 🙂


    • I totally agree. I read the book, which was so much better than the film. I totally understand what you are saying. Thanks for stopping by today; I really appreciate it. I hope the rest of your day is amazing!


  • I’m with you, Cindy. Why on earth I’d watch something I KNOW will be in my head in living color for a long time–nope, not me! My imagination is already vivid enough!


    • Yes, that is definitely my problem. It gets stuck in my head and then it’s all I can think about! Thanks for visiting today. I hope the rest of your day is amazing!


  • I have a problem with immersion when it comes to movies. They have trouble pulling me in. I’ve gotten to the point where nothing really makes me jump out of my seat, or cringe anymore in movies.

    They can jump out at the screen, wear weird masks or whatever else, but I just don’t find it scary.

    Video games have it a bit easier, when it comes to scaring me, but even still, it’s just an “okay, you got me.” And not a legitimate scare, like when I was a little kid and being paranoid when the lights when out. I would swear something was looking dead at me, until I bolted for a light switch. Only to see that it was just a normal pair of pants.

    All that’s left today are things like people being opened up on a table. It’s not scary, but it does make my skin crawl.

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  • I can’t believe you stuck to your vow! I wish I had such commitment.


    • Oh no, I just don’t like being scared like that. It was just too much for me, especially that kind of movie. Scared me out of my wits, that’s for sure! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hope you have an awesome day!


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  • oh wow the exorcist, that was a genius of a movie! ESPECIALLY when the girl climbed the ceiling and did that 360 head turn, that was such a well done scene 🙂


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