Red-Letter Saturday #2: “The Parking Meter”


parking meter 1

On this day, July 19, 1935, the first parking meter in the U.S., the Park-O-Meter, invented by Carlton Magee, was installed in Oklahoma City by the Dual Parking Meter Company. This forever changed parking as we know it. I dedicate this poem to automobile owners everywhere:






Today is such a busy day;

I’m running here and there.

There’s meetings for me to attend,

No time for me to spare.


I’m in the downtown area,

I have to park my car.

I spot a great location,

At a fancy coffee bar.


So I feed the parking meter,

With the change that it requires.

Thinking that I will return

Before the time expires.


I run my errands, take my meetings.

Time’s run out; I know I’m late.

I race to my car at breakneck speed.

Just dreading to know my fate.


Yes, I received a ticket,

And it made me want to cuss!

I think the next time I’ll plan better,

And maybe take the bus!


QUOTE OF THE DAY:   ”  A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works.”  ~ Billy Vaughan  



red letter saturday 2



This post is presented as part of my special weekly feature, Red-Letter Saturday. If you’d like to to know more information about Red-Letter Saturday, click here:

Red Letter Saturday



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