I Love to Read

I will never forget how excited I was when I learned how to read. Reading presented a whole new world to me.  All I needed was to open a book and I could be transported to another time, anotherreading books place, another event – or I could be someone else instead of just me.  Not only was reading the most valuable lesson for me, it was also the most rewarding.  I became a bookworm (as my mother called me).  I would read everything I could get my hands on — from the backs of cereal boxes to the book of fairy tales my aunt had given me for Christmas.  I had discovered a very special world — the world of reading. It was as though a whole new world had just opened its golden doors to me. All I had to do was step through those doors and once I did, I never wanted to return.

But to choose just three fictional events or adventures to experience myself? Now that is going to be a difficult choice, because there have been so many that I have enjoyed throughout the years! Let’s see…

cinderella 1The first one may sound silly, but whenever I think about this story, it brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood, and who doesn’t enjoy a trip back to the days when they were young and carefree? So I will choose my all-time favorite fairy tale: Cinderella. I have loved the story of Cinderella ever since I can remember, with the fairy tale featuring Cinderella, a wicked step mother and step sisters, a fairy godmother, magical transformations, a missing glass slipper, and a hunt by a prince for the owner of the glass slipper. I love Cinderella because she had a good work ethic. And she believed that if she worked very hard, someday she would receive the good things in life, meaning of course, her Prince.

The second adventure I would choose would be The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum. When I read this story as a young girl, I wondered what it wizard of ozwould be like to go on such an adventure, to suddenly find myself in the land of Oz, with its Munchkins and witches and scarecrows that could talk. Granted, some of her adventures were scary, but most of it seemed wondrous to me. I read this book before I viewed the movie on television, and then when they televised the movie, it became even more magical to me because then I could picture it even more vividly. Every now and then I view this movie with my grown daughters, and when I do, it transports me back to the time when I was a young girl, filled with wonder and awe at the idea of such a place called the land of Oz.

The third fictional story that I would choose would be the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura little house on the prairieIngalls Wilder. When I was in the third grade, our neighborhood was chosen to have the bookmobile come to our area. Never heard of it? Let me tell you about it. The bookmobile resembled a big bus; but instead of seats, it had shelves – shelves and shelves of wonderful books. I will never forget the librarian in charge. Her name was Miss Marge. She was tall and thin, with short, curly black hair and golden brown eyes framed by a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. She had a low-pitched voice and spoke softly and kindly to everyone. I took an instant liking to her. She’s the one who introduced me to the Little House on the Prairie series. There are nine books in the series and they center around Laura Ingalls Wilder, her family, and their life as homesteaders in the 1800s. I think I enjoyed this series of books because at the time I read it, I was in the same age group as the protagonist (Laura), and I could identify with her. I enjoyed many of her adventures, and I also loved to imagine what it would have been like to live as a pioneer.

I believe that reading is a very special gift. It is a gift which every person should be given. It is a gift which will always remain with you, and no one can ever take this gift away from you. When you open a book, you can go to places you’ve never been to before, do things you’ve always wanted to do, meet people you’ve always wanted to meet, and, for a little while, get away and forget about your cares and troubles. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a good book.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  ~Joseph Addison




  • We loved Little House in books and the TV series. We went to far as to build A Little House on the Prairie Doll house complete with a cast iron cook stove and a loft with a bed for the dolls. My granddaughter loves to play with it when she comes to visit.


    • Wow! That is so awesome! I would love to see that. I built a doll house once, too and I found it very enjoyable. I especially loved furnishing and decorating it! Thanks for visiting today – I’ve really been enjoying getting to know you! Have a wonderful day.


  • I love the quote of the day! It’s easy to neglect the mind, because we don’t SEE how fat and lazy it’s getting!


    • My thoughts precisely! And if we read daily, then we can keep our brains working, and I think that’s really important, especially as we grow older, and believe me, at my age, I need all the help I can get! LOL! Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a great day!


  • I enjoyed Little house on the prairie, i thought Laura Ingalls character was the best, feisty and quite adorable in braided hair. Enjoyed the reading Cindy. Thanks!


    • Hello, my friend! Thanks for visiting today; it’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I loved Laura, too, and so did my girls when they were growing up. I hope you have a great day!


  • Wow! You are so nice, and have absolutely made my day. Thank you so much for visiting today. I hope your day is as amazing as you are!


  • I tried a few times to like your post but for some reason I couldn’t. So I will just leave a comment. I absolutely loved it. I love your choices as well. I had thought about all three of those when doing mine! Thank you for sharing.


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