Eat, Drink, and be Merry

dinner partyA dinner party can be such a grand celebration. It is usually a time when you invite your dearest friends and family to come together to share a meal. To prepare for this celebration, you set your table with your finest linens, your best china, glassware, and silverware. You add your own special touches with beautiful floral arrangements, and perhaps some flickering candles. And then you serve the finest wine, followed by the best meal they’ve eaten all year long. And during this breaking of the bread, you can feel the love and friendship that emanates from the relationships among those present just by the conversations taking place, the smiles on the faces of those present, the looks that pass from one to another, and the laughter that rings throughout the room. Everyone is happy to be present. This is the kind of dinner party that I always enjoy hosting.

But if I could plan a dinner party for my favorite notable figures, it would be a very interesting evening, to be sure.

★ First of all, I would also invite my daughters, Sarah and Stephanie, to this dinner party. Stephanie is a cellist and she would never forgive me if she were not invited, considering who some of the guests would be. Sarah has a wide variety of artistic interests, and this is why I would invite her.

★ I would invite Johann Sebastian Bach because he is one of the world’s best classical music composers of all-time. At my daughter Stephanie’s college senior cello recital, she played an entire Bach suite, and it was her most difficult piece, so I’m sure she would enjoy speaking to him. As a piano student, I would love to speak to him, too, because I have been learning many Bach pieces myself.

★ I would also invite Sergei Rachmaninov because he is considered to be one of the greatest pianists of all time, and since I am a new piano student, naturally I would love to have him attend my dinner party. Maybe he would even play something for us!

★ Next I would invite Yo Yo Ma, one of the world’s best cellists – for my daughter, Stephanie, my cellist, of course! Wouldn’t she be thrilled if they could play a cello duet together?

★ I ‘d want to have Leonardo da Vinci to join us. I think he would be a most fascinating dinner companion, don’t you?

★ I’d also love to speak to Benjamin Franklin. You really didn’t think I’d have a dinner party without having someone from the American Revolution, did you? If you know anything about me, then you would know that I love studying the history of the American Revolution!

★ Last on the list would be St. Pope John Paul II. While he was living, he was such a beloved figure, and I knew he was a saint, even then. It was always my dream to meet him, but I never had the chance.

One thing is for sure, though – this is one dinner party that I would have catered!

QUOTE OF THE DAY:   “Great men, unknown to their generation, have their fame among the great who have preceded them, and all true worldly fame subsides from their high estimate beyond the stars.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau





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