Wish I May, Wish I Might . . .

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were such a thing as a genie in a bottle to grant you three wishes? Just think about all the possibilities! If I found a magic genie lamp, rubbed it, and a genie appeared to grant me three wishes, I do believe that I would have to take my time to make such a momentous decision on exactly what those three wishes would be. I mean, after all, I wouldn’t want to waste them on just anything. I would have to weigh all the pros and cons of each choice, making sure that each wish was something that I truly wanted because I’d know that once I used up a wish, I’d never have that wish back again.

Let’s see. I could travel. The only places I’ve ever been to outside of Minnesota have been Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, California, Florida, New Jersey, and Mexico. As you can see, my knowledge of the world is not exactly huge! I’ve always wanted to go to Rome, Italy, for as long as I can remember. That might not be a bad way to use one of my wishes. However, I do know that there really is no place like home.

Or I could wish for something to show off, like a brand new car or a brand new house. But then again, I really don’t go many places to show off a new car. and if I had a new house, then I’d have to fill it up with new furniture, wouldn’t I?

Or maybe I should wish for better health. Lord knows that for the past ten years, my health has deteriorated, even to the point where I’ve been disabled and forced to retire from a career that I loved. I’ve undergone five major surgeries during that time, have had multiple hospitalizations, and have faced death three times. But with these challenges, I’ve come to appreciate life even more, and I don’t take a single day for granted.

But I’m supposed to give these three wishes to someone else, aren’t I? Actually, I’m rather glad about that because nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy on someone’s face when you give them a very special gift. And I know exactly who I would give those wishes to. Actually, the decision would not be a difficult one at all.

First of all, I wouldn’t give all three wishes to just one person. I would like to give one wish to three different people, and then I could make three people happy instead of just one. And since my family is first and foremost in my life, and because I consider motherhood to be the best gift that I ever received, I would give one wish to each of my three children.

Our son, Joe

Our son, Joe

The first wish I would give to our oldest child, our son Joe. Joe was born in 1983. He is adopted, but we have never thought of him that way because we believe he was meant to be ours from the very beginning. Eight years before we adopted him, I had a miscarriage and the due date of the baby I miscarried happens to be the same exact birth date of our son Joe. So you can’t tell me that he wasn’t meant to be our son. Joe is outgoing, responsible, dependable, intelligent, considerate, fun-loving, and loves his family more than anything in the world.

Our daughter Sarah

Our daughter Sarah

The second wish I would give to our next oldest child, our daughter Sarah. Sarah was born in 1988. After we adopted Joe, we thought he would be our only child, and we were happy with that fact. When he was four, we had a big garage sale and sold all his baby things, crib, stroller, high chair, everything. A month later I discovered I was pregnant. I did three home pregnancy tests and still had to go to the doctor to confirm the results. I don’t think my husband actually believed I was pregnant until he felt her kick in my fourth or fifth month of pregnancy! Sarah is very outgoing, cheerful, giving, kind, and has a heart of gold.

Our daughter Stephanie

Our daughter Stephanie

And the third wish I would give to our youngest child, our daughter Stephanie. We thought Sarah was our miracle baby, but then, lo and behold, two and a half years later, along came our little Stephanie. Stephanie was born in 1991. When I was pregnant with Stephanie, I didn’t think I really I cared whether she was a girl or a boy, but when she was born, I realized just how happy I was that Sarah was going to have a little sister to play with, and they are very close as far as being sisters are concerned. Stephanie is my introvert, although she has become less so as the years have gone along. She is sensitive, thoughtful, gentle, determined, and has come farther than I ever imagined.

If I could give each of them one wish to help make their dreams comes true, then that would be more than I could ever wish for myself. All I have ever really wished for is to see my children happy, and if they’re happy, then all my wishes will come true.

QUOTE OF THE DAY  “The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.” ~ Jessica Lange






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