Lost and Found














“When did you know you were lost?” he asked.

I guess my plight had shown in my eyes.

But could I really trust him so soon?

Would that decision truly be wise?


I had been helplessly wandering

Through each endless dark night and long day,

Searching to find a beacon of hope

To gently guide me along the way.


But until now, no one seemed to care,

Each absorbed in a world of their own.

They didn’t notice how sad I was,

How I was struggling and all alone.


But then he asked this question of me,

And when he said it, he was so kind.

And in that moment, he touched my heart.

It was as though he could read my mind.


I thought I should take a leap of faith

Even though it would be hard to do.

I was found by a dear friend that day,

And I found a new life for me, too.







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