My Ever-Faithful Companion

Hello, dear readers,

My sweet little toy poodle, Lucy, has been sick the last few days, and I’ve been so worried about her. We brought her into the vet yesterday, and thankfully, it appears to be just a virus of some sort, so hopefully, she’ll be feeling better soon. But she’s my baby, and if anything happened to her, I don’t know what I would do. Because of this, I thought I would dedicate today’s blog to her with a poem that I wrote entitled “My Ever-Faithful Companion.” I hope you enjoy it.

I have a faithful companion,

And Lucy is her name.

She is my little toy poodle,

And pleasing me is her game.


She’s always there to comfort me,

And soothe me when I’m down.

She does funny things that make me laugh,

And she takes away my frown.


She loves it when I play with her,

Especially when she’s bored.

She wants me to interact with her,

And she hates to be ignored.


She lets me know when she is glad

By licking me on my face.

She’s delighted when I hold her close,

And she feels safe in my embrace.


Her little tail will happily wag

To show her puppy love.

I’m sure the affection that she shows

Comes from the Lord above.


Whenever she wants a special treat,

She sits right up and begs.

Then she dances round and round,

While standing on two legs.


Because I’m ill and cannot work,

I’m home both day and night;

And when I’m in a lot of pain.

Somehow she knows I’m not all right.


She follows me where ever I go,

And always wants to be near.

I think she wants to make me feel better,

And I can tell that she is sincere.


She is my little baby;

She is my very best friend.

She only wants what’s good for me,

And I know she’ll love me to the end.


I love my little Lucy,

No better dog could there be.

I am grateful every day

God sent her to be with me


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