Oh, How Time Flies . . .

Oh, how time flies . . . yesterday our middle child Sarah became a college graduate. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was putting her on the bus to go to kindergarten. I remember how happy she was on that day. She was so excited to be starting a new adventure.

I can even picture how she looked standing on the bus stop with the other new kindergarteners, waiting for the school bus to arrive. She proudly carried her new school bag on her back, feeling as though she were a “big girl” now that she was going to attend school just like her older brother, Joe. After the bus drove away with her waving happily good-bye to me from one of windows, I returned home and had a good cry over how time flies.

My daughter Sarah on the first day of kindergarten

Oh, how time flies . . . in ten short weeks Sarah will be a blushing bride. I remember when she was a little girl and played make-believe as a bride. She would place a towel on her head and pretend that it was her veil, and hold dandelions in her hands to use for her bridal bouquet.

But soon I will watch as she marches down the aisle on the arm of her father into the arms of the man who will become her husband, the husband who loves her, and the husband whom she’ll spend the rest of her life with. Together they’ll build a good marriage, with a future full of hopes and dreams. Their life together will be full of ups and downs, good times and bad, but they are going to promise to be together through it all, just like my husband and I have been. Together they will learn about the joys and sorrows that life has to bring, and that their love is always their stronghold. And I know that when I see my daughter on the arm of my husband, I’ll probably cry then, too, over how time flies.

My daughter Sarah and her fiance Axel


Her curly hair is precious to me,
I’ve counted each freckle that you see.
With every sunset she grows older.
I would like to forever hold her.

Then off to school she goes each day,
And I miss her more than I can say.
Soon friends mean more to her than me
And I wonder, what happened to family?

Prom is a night I won’t soon forget,
She wore a beautiful dress of violet.
Her hair in curls, a smile on her face—
She was truly all beauty and grace.

She graduated with honors that year,
It was hard for me not to shed a tear.
To college then she was gone away—
I knew she’d come back another day.

After two years she found her true love,
The man she’s always been dreaming of.
Now she is going to be his wife;
Together they will start a new life.

So now my darling will leave my nest,
I know that everything’s for the best.
But I’ll always dream of my little girl
With all those freckles and lovely curls!



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